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ReAwaken & Heal ~

Eat for your Dosha

A 6-Week Online Course with Amrita Ma Devi

Eat for your Dosha, a six-week journey into understanding your digestion, get connected with your true assimilation. 

When you sign up we delve into a one on one coaching session to find out your unique constitution. Then we dive deep into ancient wisdom practises for self-nourishment and digestive healing habits. This is a group program with prerecorded videos, recipes and a support squad (Because we understand that a community which learns together grows together).


 As a bonus in the private group, we share weekly inspiration recipes to try at home and accountability with like-minded "ReAwakeners". 


You will learn how to plan your meals so you cook with confidence. You will be growing, sharing and integrating the practises, making use of them in your life, and all within a supportive group environment.

More specifically you will be up-levelling your Ayurvedic knowledge by:

  • Learn how to implement Ayurveda in your day every day

  • Find out your unique bodily constitution, your needs at this moment and throughout the seasonal transitions

  • Learn how to boost your immunity with Ayurvedic superfoods

  • Uplevel your habits so that you stand strong even in a crowded room

  • Learn the spices and herbs that support your digestion

  • Start making family meals which are quick and nourishing with flavour (whichever dosha your family member is, you will know how to adjust)

  • Learn the lifestyle medicine which supports thriving health and wellbeing

Get the guidance and support you need to make the fast, and functional holistic transformation. Ask yourself are you ready to EAT mindfully so you will live an intentional, rather than reactive life? If you have been feeling like there must be a better way to find balanced Health... there is!

This program will help you to transform yourself, starting right NOW!


Learn how to apply the ancient science of longevity, with a modern lifestyle, coaching, and community support to transform your eating habits and routines, freeing up your energy for more joy in life.

A Previous Participant Writes . . .

"I so enjoyed participating in Amrita's latest online course. I appreciate her for her deep knowledge and understanding of Ayurveda that she shared so generously with us.

She has been instrumental in helping to understand the necessity of balancing the body/mind as a means of supporting us on the path towards revealing our innate happiness, joy, equanimity and freedom.

In working with Amrita and implementing many of the Ayurvedic principles and methodologies she teaches into my daily life, I have seen immediate and beautiful changes in both a feeling of wellness and wholeness in the body/mind. Thank you, dear Amrita!"

Pamela, Artist USA.

  • 665 Euros - Patron Rate      

  • 130 Euros x 4 - Installments Rate          

  • 445 Euros -  Regular Rate                                  

  • 222 Euros -  Scholarship Rate 

If you are struggling financially and wish to apply for a 50% reduced price scholarship place please complete this form.

Alternatively, if you prefer to pay by bank transfer.

Please first email with details of the amount of your intended transfer rate. She will provisionally assign you a place which will be confirmed once your transfer is received.

Transfers should be made to:

Flowing Wakefulness BV

Willem Rosierstraat 35

2800 Mechelen


Bank: ING

Account: BE77 3631 9079 9242


If you have any questions about the course or issues with booking please contact

Pricing & Booking Information

To book your place via PayPal click the relevant image above.

Regular  445 Euros
Patron  665 Euros
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Installments  130 Euros x 4
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