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Evening Open Darshan

Berkeley, CA


Friday, November 16,  2018 


7:00 – 9:30 pm


“When language begins to fall away we then begin to see everything clear – as it is, rather than as being already molded through that superimposed perception of the language which tells us that that’s what it is because that’s how I understand it. The very nature of mystical experience is that it refuses to fall into the category – or fails to essentially fit the categorization of the mind. It cannot be categorized...


But something much more precious is happening, is where you can actually experience directly the way experience itself forms reality; how you become that which illumines reality and this is very precious. So rather than trying to explain away what is happening, simply enjoy what is happening! Fall into that which is happening. Enjoy it and this subtlety will begin to reveal itself.”  

– Igor Kufayev



Sacred Stream Center

2149 Byron St,


CA 94702



$20 Advance; $25 at the door.


Prior to this event, there is a 6-day Immersion at Pacific Grove, CA.

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