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Understanding the Meaning of Darshan ~  
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Darshan, Satsang (“getting together in truth”), gathering — it is irrespective of the time we live in. It is irrespective of the current climate. It´s irrespective of what occupations we have, irrespective of our jobs, held professions, secretly held aspirations — or not so secretly. It´s just that. It is for a moment to gather in the name of THAT which is our essence —our truth. It represents the truth which transcends any concept, any idea — any preconceived or conceived idea — any religion, creed, order, philosophy or any held system. That is what Satsang is for. That is by definition what these gatherings are for. And very little has changed through the long corridor of time. Very little!      


The essence of the spiritual path is not so much in gaining, but in simply uncovering that which is already there. And that is what darshan is. Successful darshan, successful Satsang is that — it is to peel the layers, to remove yet another layer so that the truth can shine forth on its own; that truth can shine forth.      


Truth is not something we hold. It´s not something we even need to remember. That truth, by definition, is given. It is the very core of our being. Remembrance here is in a different way. It´s in relation to recognition. It´s to recognize what we are — beyond form and appearance or even held precepts and concepts, be they the most amazingly wise and revelatory in nature. The revelation of the truth of the Self as the light of the sun makes all other lights pale in comparison. This is what the Truth of the Self is...                                                                                                                

 ~ Igor Kufayev

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