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THE BODY OF EVIDENCE ~ Place, Role & Understanding of the Body in Advaita Tantra of Trika Shaivism 

           A Free Live Broadcast - This Event is now Passed

The importance of the body in Tantra is proverbial, yet seldom understood what it truly represents in terms of its function and especially when it comes to the transformative process initiated by an awakened life force. Our emphasis, in this particular gathering, is to redefine the human body in its relation to the Body of the Universe. 

Saturday, May 7, 2022 

Event Passed - Future Online Darshans will be announced here
21:30 (Delhi) 18:00 (Athens)  17:00 (Berlin)  16:00 (London) 11:00 (New York  ) 8:00 (LA)

Free Live stream 

Saturday, May 7, 2022  - Event Passed

21:30 (Delhi) 18:00 (Athens) 17:00 (Berlin16:00 (London) 11:00 (NY)  8:00 (LA)

To see the local time for the broadcast where you are, check this link 



The event will be live streamed via the Zoom platform which is compatible with both Apple & PC computers as well as smartphones. Upon registering you will receive confirmation of your order by email please look in your junk mail folder before contacting us if you don't see it. 

Questions for Igor
Igor will take live questions from the online audience specifically on the theme during the broadcast.




Technical support

If you are experiencing any technical issues or have any questions about the broadcast please email: 


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