In meditation the limited sense of individuality is poured into the Self.


~ Igor Kufayev 

In-person events with Igor form the heart of this work. As a uniquely skilled guide, Igor nurtures and facilitates spiritual growth using whatever means best suit each individual participant, from energetic transmission to breath work, mantra work, self-inquiry, emotional introspection, and more. It is here in the presence of an adept that spiritual transformation unfolds with speed and safety, opening us to the discovery of our own true nature. The results are life changing.


Igor regularly hosts immersions in Western Europe and North America. The daily schedule includes meditations, discourses, question-and-answer sessions, and free time to rest and reflect. Vegetarian meals are provided.


Week-long residential immersions are sometimes followed by an optional, but highly recommended integration period, or "spillover." Spillovers are generally three days in length, and provide a graceful transition from the immersion back into our daily duties.


Weekend immersions, from Friday night to Sunday afternoon, provide a rich taste of this work and are especially well suited for newcomers, and those who cannot participate in longer programs.


Upcoming Events



Kundalini - 3 Month, 9 Module Course
June - August 2021



Online Darshan 

June 26, 2021





7-Day Meditation Immersion

August 22-29, 2021

Gut Saunstorf



Igor Speaking at the Advaita Congress

November 3-7, 2021

Schloss Thalheim



Nectar & Beauty ~ Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat

July 11-16, 2022 

Osa Major

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