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A welcoming note from Igor Kufayev

Dear Friends, 


Over the years I have observed how many sincere seekers of Truth are faced with unforeseen obstacles on their journey. These limitations are psychological in nature and largely due to a lack of knowledge on the complexity of the human condition. Although our innate nature is benevolent, or even perfect, the manifestation of success in any area of our lives––along with a sense of wellbeing and ultimately fulfillment itself––is rooted in how much those innate, universal qualities are enlivened in our own field. 

This course is tailored to those who are serious about reaching their innermost potential. It aims to redress the fundamental principles which assist spiritual unfoldment. It further distinguishes what obstructs the progress and limits our potential for Self-realization. It dares to expose collectively held myths around spirituality which are based on false assumptions, so as to clear the path for the expansion of human consciousness through direct insight into the purpose of human evolution.

Whether you are an enthusiast, a lover or just a student of Yoga, this course is opened to all levels, yet above all designed for facilitators and teachers of this timeless science, as they are the ones who must embody these fundamental principles so as to be able to light the way for others.


From the Heart,

Igor Kufayev

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"The answer is not in looking for a solution to a problem, but rather in transcending the psychological tendencies born of outlived paradigms so that newly emerging patterns can take shape."

~ Igor Kufayev



In this course, you will learn to establish the timeless foundations on the path of Self-realization. 

  • When we don’t enliven the foundational principles that assist the process of awakening, we tend to dissipate our energies. Insights into spiritual integrity which are rooted in the ancient Science of Yoga allow us to progress safely and unfold the full human potential.

  • When we don’t bring the understanding of the psychological requirements for the process of Self-realization, we often have doubts or negative thoughts. With Yoga of Integrity, we understand how to work with obstacles wisely and rise beyond limitations.

  • Knowing the difference between conventional morality and spiritual integrity will enable you to be present to what is unfolding at any given moment in your life and to respond to it with an open heart and clarity.

  • Discover the meaning of the expression “to die before you die” and spiritual rebirth as well as the concept of jivanmukta (liberated while in a human body). What does it mean to “stand as Consciousness” and to live from a place of inner joy and true freedom?

  • Learn how vigilance and divine virtues can assist you in the process of Self-realization.

  • For those already committed to the path of reclaiming the Self, this course will deepen your understanding of the process of spiritual unfoldment and what is needed to integrate higher states of consciousness.

  • For facilitators and instructors, the complexity of the human psyche will be addressed from the Yogic and Tantric perspective, supported by personal insights Igor gained through decades of guiding aspirants on the path.

  • Yoga Philosophy unpacked. Ground-breaking insights into the meaning of sādhanā (spiritual practice), tapasyā (spiritual ardor, discipline), brahmacharya (celibacy), shraddhā (faith in Self/God), yajña (sacrifice) and vairāgya (detachment).

“Igor is an extraordinary spiritual teacher who beautifully articulates the essence of many sacred traditions. Drawing most frequently from Vedic, Kashmiri Shaivite, Buddhist, Taoist, Sufi sources, he speaks from both direct experience and scriptural texts. He exalts the awareness of persons receiving his darshan through direct transmissions imparted during group meditation practice that enflames practitioners’ hearts into collective ecstasy. Many participants of his courses and retreats report lasting transformations, including sustained higher states of consciousness.”

~ Michael Peter Cain, Founder Art Department, Maharishi International University



Whether you are a total newcomer, in need of sound orientation to support your personal efforts, or a seasoned meditator with decades of experience looking to break through the limitations of your practice, this course can be helpful to you. The teachings in this program are especially designed to help anyone who finds him or herself in any of the following professions or situations: 

  • Yoga Teachers and Students, Healers, spiritually-minded people of any tradition or background.

  • Facilitators, Teachers and Educators in the field of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience interested in deepening their insights and knowledge in relation to the transformation of human consciousness.

  • Those who are serious about reaching their innermost potential.

  • Those who experienced Kundalini awakening and are in need of guidance to safely proceed with the process of the transformation of consciousness.

  • Those who feel stuck after many years of spiritual practice. Those who long for spiritual breakthroughs and the personal, life-changing connection with a living adept.

  • All those interested in the philosophical foundation of the Yogic Science of Self-realization.

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"You can only embody any truth to the degree to which that truth, in itself, is an embodied, lived one."

~ Igor Kufayev

The recordings of this remarkable instructional course are now available and you may purchase unlimited personal access to them for a 12 month period.


Over 10+ hours of foundational guidance with Igor Kufayev



Yoga of Integrity ~
Foundational Principles for an Authentic Life Lived in Alignment with Universal Values​

4-Part Online Course + Bonus Q&A Session

9 Months of personal access.

Price: 150 Euros


Payment for access to the recordings is by PayPal or credit card or alternatively if you are unable to use this method and wish to pay by bank transfer or have questions about this course please contact who will assist you. 

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