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4-Day Immersion in Mallorca

April 29 - May 3, 2023







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Finca Son Sion, a place surrounded by nature offering both comfort and beauty in Porreres, Mallorca, Spain.

Arrival & Departure

  • The immersion starts on Saturday, April 29th, 2023. Check-in into the program is in the afternoon; we start our program in the meditation room after dinner that day. The event ends on Wednesday, May 3rd after lunch. 

  • There are no options at the venue - for this immersion - to arrive early or stay late unless, of course, you would also book the 8-day immersion which follows suit.


The Immersion consists of 5 days & 4 nights.

Vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served throughout the immersion.

Days 2, 3, & 4, will follow this schedule:

07:15  -  08:00                 Light Yoga 

08:00  -  09:30                 Meditation

09:30  -  10:45                 Breakfast

10:45  -  13:15                 Darshan

13:15  -  14:15                 Lunch  

14:15  -  17:00                 Free Time

17:00  -  18:30                 Meditation

18:30  -  19:45                 Dinner

19:45  -  21:30                 Darshan


  • This event is open to both those who have previously attended an event with Igor and those who have not, however those who have not will need to take the online meditation course 'Samadhi' before attending. This is to ensure that everyone has a minimal understanding and reference. You can book that course via                                                                               


If you have any questions about this event please contact:

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