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An Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat in Magical Mallorca

with Amrita Ma Devi & Sundari Ma


July 17 - 22, 2022

Are you longing to recharge and reconnect with your blissful essence? Have you considered combining a relaxing time in the Mediterranean whilst diving into the timeless wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda to meet the demands of modern life?

Nectar & Beauty, a 5-day retreat, is a unique opportunity for all who wish to learn the art of nourishment and deepen their knowledge of Ayurvedic practices. Nestled on a hillside in a beautiful venue soaked in the Mediterranean sun, there will be Ayurvedic cooking workshops, herb and spice classes, yoga and meditation sessions, chanting and ecstatic dancing. The retreat is designed for you to experience the transformative healing power of these ancient practices and to take the wisdom and knowledge home, to live life in alignment with the forces of nature.

Nectar & Beauty is an invitation to recreate a greater connection to yourself, to Nature and to your loved ones. At this time of great uncertainty, we welcome you to plug into the joy and beauty of the heart in an intimate gathering of beautiful women from all over the world.


OSA MAJOR  named after the Great Bear star constellation that is visible above it every night, offers peace and quiet in which to relax and contemplate, and is all about a break from routine in beautiful surroundings. Head for a blissed out retreat combined with a holiday where your everyday concerns are removed.

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Ayurveda is the world’s oldest known holistic health system, incorporating self-care and self-healing practices into the flow of a daily routine. You will feel nourished and inspired by daily cooking workshops, three Ayurveda-inspired, plant-based meals, along with energizing yoga and meditation sessions. This integrated approach will purify your mind and body, leading you to rediscover the joy of being fully alive.

You are invited to connect with beautiful kindred souls, converse over the most incredible meals, and journey inwards to feel revitalized and reconnected to your sense of well-being. These four days are your opportunity to experience more fully the richness of sensory perception through the wonder of nature, and to reignite your inner potential.

Join us for some magical, blissful and transformative days in Mallorca!

7.30am - Morning Yoga Practice & Pranayama

8:45am   - Meditation

9.30am   - Breakfast

11.30am   -  Ayurvedic Cooking / Excursion Farmers Market 

1.00pm    -  Ayurvedic Lunch

Free Time / Explore / Massages / Chill / Journaling / Nature Walk / Foraging Local Herbs / Swimming 

5.00pm – Pranayama / Ayurvedic Workshop / Mantra / Self Healing & Nourishment

7:00pm - Restorative Yoga / Ayurvedic Self Care Ritual / Sacred Circle

8.00pm - Evening Snack 

Darshan with Igor Kufayev on the evening of July 20

Your Nectar & Beauty Hosts
Amrita Ma Devi & Sundari Ma

  • Prices are from €750, excluding your travel.                                                                          

  • Arrive on 17th July by 3 pm &  Depart on the 22nd July by 11 am.                                                                                                                                                 

  • Palma Mallorca is the nearest airport.                                                                         

  • By booking a place at this event you agree to the participation agreement.                                                                                                                                           

  • To see rooms and prices please go to the booking page.                          

Amrita Ma Devi is the author of the blog, Ayurveda Anytime, and has over a decade of experience in Ayurveda. A mother of three, she traveled the world with her spiritual teacher and partner, Igor Kufayev. From Central Asia to Central America, she refined her intuitive sense of how to apply innate wisdom often in a new and unfamiliar environment. Her journey into Ayurveda began with reading preeminent scholars on this ancient Science of Life, as she looked for ways of greater balance. Her skills were honed over the years of study with Yoga Veda Institute as an Ayurvedic Practitioner. Through learning how to use the wisdom of herbs, Ahara (diet) and Dinacharya (routine) she became intimately aware of the healing potentials this sacred relationship avails.


Under the guidance of her teacher, Amrita is deepening her intuition and continues to refine her understanding of the true meaning of health. She breaks down the vast science of Ayurveda into practical, everyday steps to bring harmony through balance in an accessible & bountiful way.


Amrita is currently working on her first Ayurvedic vegetarian cookbook specifically tailored for those on a spiritual journey, and a complementary range of organic high-potency herbal supplements. Her website offers a wide variety of nourishing seasonal Ayurvedic recipes.


More info:

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Sundari Ma is a yogini, meditation and yoga teacher. She founded and has been co-directing Soma Yoga, a studio for Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation in Freiburg, Germany for over 10 years. Sundari was introduced to the rich world of plants and herbs by her mother, which inspired her to learn about their healing properties, and to create her own herbal medicine. She completed her Ayurvedic training at Shree Shankara Hospital in Kerala, India in 2003. In-depth studies with David Frawley further deepened her knowledge of Ayurveda as a way of tuning in to the transformative and restorative powers of Mother Nature to maintain balance and support the spiritual process.

As a disciple of spiritual teacher Igor Kufayev, she has been initiated into the path of neurophysiological transformation in 2015, accompanied by direct insights into the role conscious lifestyle and nourishment plays in supporting the process of awakening. Sundari Ma serves as a Flowing Wakefulness facilitator, introducing people to the work and teachings of Igor Kufayev, and offering one-on-one sessions as support to those drawn to this Path of the Heart.
Sundari Ma offers courses on tantric, yogic and ayurvedic topics, meditation gatherings, women's programs and workshops. Together with Amrita Ma Devi, she holds Nectar & Beauty retreats to reconnect with inner bliss, the fullness of life and the healing forces and plant wisdom of Mother Nature. She shares her many years of experience on the spiritual path and in Ayurveda, as well as her joy of cooking and nourishing others through delicious meals – bringing beauty, inspiration and ease into daily life.
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