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Reflections on the Path of the Heart

by Sundari Ma

The Teaching ~ Jai Para Vak, Supreme Goddess


All conveyed Teachings flow spontaneously from the source, the Heart of the Master which is the Heart of the universe, where language is born. From Para vak, the womb of the Mother. Whatever knowledge and wisdom, whatever tradition and language is needed in a unique moment in time manifests through the grace-filled words of Igor; this is the Teaching of the Heart. It is given ever free, ever new, ever spontaneous, as it is never claimed. Love takes any form. This form of transmission is the will of God Himself, the streaming forth of Grace through thoughts, words and actions to restore the dharmic values, to illumine the darkness and transform it ‒ to guide sadhakas to the Truth, the eternal silent language of the Heart.


The way and goal is to “rest in the Heart” or even abide there fully, in the Unknown ‒ to merge with this shimmering ocean of presence surrounding us. To be touched by eternity, unclouded from interpretations means to rest in the cavern of the Heart, where the Seer merges with the Seen and pure Seeing remains. As soon as this ‘resting’ turns into a settlement, into the impulse of dragging old and new mental concepts into this very moment, Grace has to (and will) sweep our Hearts clear and catapult us into the vastness of the ocean ‒ once again.


The Guru is the guiding light, the illumining light of Consciousness, the force, which pushes the student towards the Self through all the states of Consciousness ‒ waking, dreaming, sleeping. The Guru’s job is to either melt the heart of the disciple or to break it, so that the whole of existence can be realized as being within one’s own Self, contained within the Heart.


“Universal Love of course breaks the Heart, because it cannot be contained…”


This Teaching is rooted deeply in the Tantric perspective and awareness that the Divine Feminine, the power of Consciousness, the eternal, beloved Companion of Shiva, has woven this world and universe for us to learn, play, evolve and in the end to realize that all there is, is the reflection of our own beloved Self. All there is, is Ma. All there is, is Shakti!


With this realization, worship of life happens on its own.

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